Rotas Opera Tenet is a mixture of legend and history. It takes place in the Middle Ages, a period of special charm with its castles, Knights, superstition and scientific signals.
ROT is a story that comes from the past and mixes with the present.
Two knights, through the power of a stone, arrive in the twenty-first century, to start a mission that will be cleared during the development of the action.
This short film’s pictures presents us landscapes and atmosphere of the past, in a non-didactic way: two ancient superheroes, only in terms of time and not by virtue arrive in the present days, trying to make the world better and to protect the human being from a terrible reality that sees it in danger.
Two characters that act as a kind of “deus ex machina”, embodying the qualities of courage and nobility, typical of every superhero.

The author, expert in architecture, archaeology, comics and art in general, mixes images that remember the Middle Ages, an obscure period, often painted in black and white, giving to it colour and opening.
The drawing line looks sharp; colours produce contrast, according to the medieval atmosphere, in balance between civilization and barbarism.
We can observe this aspect in the character’s clothes, characterized by bright and striking colours.
Simone creates clothes as icons, able to express the story, the personality and, above all, the character’s historical origins.
Obviously, these intrepid knights, in nearly every case, fight against the dark forces and the wicked characters they meet in the future, each time with a clear mission.
In the best comic’s tradition ROT is a short film that want to offer us an heroic message, where the characters fight for an unselfish mission in aid of our society.